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Rating: T+ (I don't know really)
Genre: Angst/Fluffy. Hurt/Comfort/Hurt. (does that even exists?)
Summary: << I have a front row seat to see you as you're dying.
You think I'm going to miss it just because I'm tired? >>

Note: Based on my hamster's death/read tags,qw/
Friend killed my feelings twice. Feel free to correct me!!

Warning: ...what can you guess by that summary??/death/

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I’m so happy that Friend’s senpai’s bitch friend noticed it.

Tagged by my beautiful lovely ohbito


   1.- Favorite girl group? Any music genre~
Orz. I don’t really like girls groups. But I like Perfume~

2.- Favorite type of desert?
Cheesecake~ gimme da cheesecake~

3.-  Do you prefer summer or winter?
ugh, this is hard…I may say winter(? this would sound corny but I like winter because you can hug anyone with the excuse that you have cold.

 4.-   What’s your favorite type of plant?
Sunflowers~, orz so yeah, if you ever plan to give me flowers ;3 you know what type

   5.- What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Nothing really… I guess all that free time I’ll have(?

  6.-  Do you prefer windows with curtains or blinds?
curtains….I don’t know how blinds work

  7.-  What do you do to wake yourself up when you’re tired?
/doesn’t understand after 5 times reading it/ oh~ I really like to eat something sweet!! ewe or just coffee..

   8.- Do you play any musical instrument?
I tried with piano but gave up. I tried guitar but gave up. Now I only have my shitty voice

9.-  Are you good at untangling cords?
Nah, men(? I like to do it if I don’t have anything else to do though

10.- Do you own any pets? If not, what kind of pets would you like to?
Oh yeah, bby(? Bring the pets to me here’s some spam of my pets because I want all of you to see this bitches:


Remijio Guadalupe “Shot de Tequila” “Remy” Valenzuela

Cock- Pedro

Horse- Yuma

Parakeet- Ciel

I used to have a cat and two hamsters too. but… friend kinda killed them again last night .

Okay! So now my questions~

1.- Any phobias you have? /I already asked this but I want to know/
2.-Favorite Ice cream? /Because Ice cream is important/
3.-What would you like to do after graduating from college?
4.-How many children do you want to have?
5.- Have this little space to tell me about your favorite singer/dancer/character/whatever you can fangirl of
6.-Would you sing with me ?! what song?!
7.-Something you really really reaaally regret?
8.- Something you’re still ashamed of?
9.- Do you like angst?? /this is very important to me ehhh~/
10.- ° v° Tell me about your ships/otp and fangirl/boy here about them~

I tag:
*awkwardly tags people*
drowning-seto /because cool girl with cool name must be tagged/
datenshihime /because I want to talk with you but shy kyo is shy/
hashiren /alloftheabove/

There…(? Feel free to do it if you’d like to!!