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Right now I’m in complicated situation

What is the difference between Sparce & Scarce?

or is it the same thing, there’s a rule that says where I can use one?, I don’t know(? both are alike but I don’t know which one to use orz.

hacchijuu said: Just for curious… isn’t there Mi-chan?

They have masks on, I can’t tell if there’s Michan

Of course he’s not there!qwww

dongmahori said: 217 and K’suke withdrew?!

Yeah, bby~:c

Here is some translated information;
Guilty Hearts Namahousou and Blog Post

I just showed my mom the new guilty hearts vid and  this is what she said:

Mom: weren’t they less people?

Kyo: the cute gurl and the other guy withdrew

Mom: oh…who are those with the masks? This is like watching a batman musical.

Kyo: Mom…